Elite Profit Academy

Are you starting to see just why our program is quickly becoming so popular? It’s because our members are active promoters who aren’t afraid of making extra money online. In fact, the rewards are so good at Forex Unite, you simply need to signup to see them for yourself!

With Elite Profit Academy, we celebrate the Stars, we recognise their belief, passion, enthusiasm, and achievements. We use their stories to inspire and motivate others to do the same, for there’s always room in the sky for more Stars


The Ultimate Success Plan!!

Become Successful With
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What Is
Elite Profit Academy ?

Elite Profit Academy is a Revenue Sharing program built on a 8 Level deep cycler layout system with exquisite compensation benefits built for the welfare of Investors. It’s main goal is to provide member to member earning without any fear to lose money or getting scammed over internet. It is a network based platform managed by the an Elite, Successful and Experienced group of Administrators.

What Is The Difference Between
Elite Profit Academy & Other Cycler Programs?

Elite Profit Academy has two unique concept that differentiate it from other cycler programs. These are: a.
Elite Profit Academy needs ONLY 1,000 positions/accounts. With this unique concept, ALL the 1,000 positions/accounts will cycle out faster and get paid. A normal Cycler program requires limitless positions/accounts. This makes them Pyramid Schemes with endless base. With these kind of schemes, leaders get paid whiles ordinary members go home unpaid. b.
Elite Profit Academy is backed by Forex Trading. This is a unique concept because daily profit from the trading would be used to support the 1,000 positions/accounts to cycle without depending on recruiting new members. A normal cycler depends SOLELY on new member subscriptions to survive, and when recruiting new members becomes difficult, the cycler stalls.

What Is The Cost Of A Position/Account?

One position/account cost ONLY $20.50 one-time out-of-pocket payment.

How Many Positions/Accounts Can A Member Buy?

Members are allowed to by multiple positions/accounts depending on their financial strength.

Does Elite Profit Academy Referral Commissions To Hard Working Members?

YES. Elite Profit Academy pays $230 to you whenever your referrals position cycles. This is related to EVERY position that your referral buys.

Are All The $20.50 Members Pay For Their Positions Invested Into Forex Trade?

NO. $20.00 of this amount is invested into Forex Trade and the remaining $0.50 is used to buy position/account for the member in the cycler.

If $20.00 Is Paid For One Position/Account And We Need ONLY 1,000 Paid Positions, That Will Amount To $20,000.00 As Capital In The Forex Trading. Can This Capital Generate Profit Enough To Support The 1,000 Positions To Cycle Out Fast?

As a start, the $20,000 is expected to generate $500 profit daily that will be used to buy 1,000 positions to support the 1,000 Active Positions to cycle out. However, Our PayPlan mandates every position that cycles out to contribute $600 as additional capital in the Forex Trade.

What Is The Earning Composition Of Elite Profit Academy PayPlan?

Our PayPlan has the following earning components: a. $1,402 is for the member to withdraw, b. $600 is added to the capital in trading, c. $230 is paid to the person who referred or introduced the cycled member. d. $69.5 is to be used to buy 139 positions to support Active Positions to cycle faster.

Can The Elite Profit Academy Cycler Start Even If The 1,000 Paid Positions Are Not Achieved?

NO. The cycler will only start when the 1,000 paid positions is achieved.