Mind Capital

I have been involved with Mind Capital since the end of Dec 2019. I did a lot of research into the company and find them to be very very transparent. They have a strong business model that the company, as well as you, can make good money at. Have a look and sign up below the video or click on any of the banners or image on this page if you want to take a look around. Minimum to join is 40 USD. Min withdraw is 50 USD and min for compounding is 100 USD. The program is Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out, just the way we like it. One quick update is Mind Capital is launching their won exchange very soon. Stay tuned. Registration is free if you want to join and have a look at the back office. You can get a good look at how everything works.

We are experts in obtaining
returns from crypto assets

Mind Capital It is a high-tech system that allows returns to be obtained from crypto-assets, led by Gonzalo García-Pelayo together with an international team of experts in mathematics, economics and technology, as well as a large team of professionals with business experience in global companies.

After several years of research, we are able to study in real time the evolution of the main crypto assets and their sale price in different currencies and find the optimum moments of buying and selling. From only 40 Mccoin, our platform allows anyone to be a participant in the returns obtained.


Obtaining returns is our priority.

The technology developed by mind.capital allows us to study the evolution of the main crypto assets and their price in different currencies and operate in the market through the use of advanced algorithms. After years of research, we have optimized the system to obtain maximum returns.

Real-time monitoring and analysis of the main crypto-assets and their price in different currencies

AI algorithms developed to find the best opportunities

Optimization and continuous adaptation of the platform

The system in action

We like clear things

At any time from your control panel you will be able to see in real time how our Artificial Intelligence algorithms work finding opportunities to obtain returns on each operation carried out.

The Control Panel

Own administration platform

We have developed, entirely and from scratch, an own administration platform. From any type of device you will be able to see the operations carried out by the system in real time, make new purchases, check the daily evolution of your MCcoin, see your account balance, withdraw balance, …

Performance, Security, Liquidity

We work to maximize returns and unlike other platforms, we are 100% integrated with Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology (guaranteeing that withdrawals are executed instantly and automatically) and you can request the return of your purchase at the end of the 90’s deadline days.